Welcome to La Calzoleria di Max e Giò

Welcome to La Calzoleria di Max e Giò

When you think about a shoemaker the image that comes to mind is that of a hidden workshop, cramped, dusty, with an old shoemaker doing repetitive work in the shadows, putting together old-fashioned shoes.

There are many stereotypes about crafts and ours is no exception.  If, however, we go beyond those, looking deeper into things, we often discover a number of surprising things.

Our story is closely linked to tradition, intended as a craft that has been passed down, in a sector that is one of Italian excellence. But that is not all.

Life changes and with it our needs, tastes, preferences.  Our work is no different, it evolves to offer new solutions, different solutions, made to measure, to meet the market demands today.  Solutions that know how to understand people’s needs, meet them and make them tangible.

This means that our job is never repetitive, but a constant search for new designs, trends and innovative materials, which results in a combination between the solid base of centuries of traditional craftsmanship and flexible, young, contemporary creativity.

What distinguishes a shoe made by hand is exactly that, the ability to meet the individual needs of each client, his personal taste and his own ideas about style and elegance.

One of the reasons that pushed us to open this blog is of course to tell you about ourselves, about our shoe shop and the infinite passion that we have for this craft.  But not only.  With this space we want to open the virtual doors of our workshop so we can meet with you and listen to your opinions, requests, doubts and curiosities.

We would like to recreate the same welcoming space we have in our actual shop, here in Bologna.  But to do this, we need you.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t just stand in the doorway, please, come on in. 🙂