To create a shoe must first imagine

To create a shoe must first imagine

Have you ever asked yourselves how much work goes into a product? Often we make the mistake of thinking it’s just a question of manual skill and experience, we limit ourselves to thinking about the time it takes to transform an object or assemble it, according to the type of product it is.

But the origin of a quality creation goes way beyond that. It is a long process that, like a journey, begins with what inspires us most. Inspiration is in fact the origin of every creation.

The numerous journeys that we go on give us the unique opportunity to absorb stimulating things that excite us and that are then transformed into shoes. A sort of archive of very useful images, colors and information that can be implemented in the next step in which we begin to definitively plan the rest of the trip.

You sit in front of a piece of paper and throw out some ideas, in sketches and notes. A little like fashion designers or cartoonists. Because to create a product you must first imagine it. When the sketches get to be a significant amount, we weed out the best models. This is done several times because to get the best you must look at every detail and choose only the top designs. After the umpteenth selection, we choose the samples to offer for the next season. Ah, of course, in winter we think about what shoes to make for summer and vice versa.

From that moment on it’s like magic. Yes, because it is magical to see a simple sketch start to take shape even if it is not yet something tangible.

To do this, we discuss and think about every element that will go into making a shoe: which leather to use, which type of finish to do and what combinations to use. It is a phase that requires all of the experience we have gained over the years and the knowledge of the tastes and needs of our clients.

Once we have established all of this, we move on to the production phase, completely done by hand. The shoe takes shape, the images captured by emotions that inspired us begin to transform into a real product.

As you can probably guess, it is a long process, a continuous flow and stimulus, a very detail oriented and challenging job, to guarantee that the final result is of the highest quality. But when a client happily puts on a pair of shoes created by us… What satisfaction! To see him leave our shop excited is what repays all the hours of hard work and sacrifices and it is what we love most about our job.