Of models, differences and etiquette. There is a shoe for every occasion

Of models, differences and etiquette. There is a shoe for every occasion

After having spoken about ourselves, of our shoe shop and how a shoe is born, the time has come to describe the different kinds of men’s shoes. What models there are, which we make, the characteristics of each and which, in our opinion, should never be missing from a man’s wardrobe.

If you come by our store, you find both classic models and other more modern ones. All designed by us. We also make any model that is requested because the most important thing is to satisfy our clients.

It should be noted that men have less demands than women. The “basic” models have been the same since the end of the 1800s: derby, Oxford, monk and loafer. These basic models can be revisited with a contemporary twist, playing with materials and colors.

These models differ in how they lace up. There is the shoe that is completely closed when laced (Oxford), the one that stays open when laced (derby), the well-known loafer (classic or with an elastic) and then monks which have buckles (one or two). All of these models can each be varied with stitching or particular detailing.

It is interesting to know that some decorations were introduced randomly by peasants in Northern Europe, who began to punch holes in their uppers to make them dry out faster when they got wet in the fields. Later on the holes became more elaborate and functioned only as decoration.

At this point maybe someone is wondering which model to wear when. Well, etiquette says that shoes with a lot of decorations should never be worn in the evening. It’s better to wear smooth, elegant shoes, in particular the five eyelet oxford. Instead the derby is a more casual model that can be worn during the day or with less formal dress.

In closing, we would like to give you some advice about the shoes which, in our opinion, every man should have. As we said before, the oxford (black) is necessary for elegant evenings out. We recommend having two pairs of derby shoes, one black and one brown, the ideal being one with a decoration and one without, a suede shoe which must be brown and decorated, one pair of monks and at least two pairs of loafers to wear in the summer. For more outgoing men, you can add a bicolor or mixed leather pair.

We could talk about this topic for hours, but we believe the time has come to stop using words and move on to the images you can find in our site. Ah, of course, after the images we will be waiting for you at our shop. There is nothing better than seeing our shoes for yourself to really be able to appreciate them. 😉